Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Things I wanted:
A great night out, and to meet my favourite band.
Things I didn’t want:
To wake up the next morning with my underwear beside me on the floor and a large chunk missing from my memory.
Guess which one I got.

Things I wanted:
To meet a pretty girl at my band's gig and have some fun.
Things I didn’t want: 
To find a photo of me and the pretty girl on social media with people questioning whether or not I raped her. 
But here we are. And that one photo?

It changed everything.
**This book contains sensitive topics that some may find upsetting.**

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Jersey Girl

°*°* NEW RELEASE °*°*

The ‘Get Kat back plan’ is now in full effect!
Jersey Girl

She lost her parents.
She lost her sister.

She lost her home.

She lost her sobriety.

She lost her head.

Now she’s on an uphill battle to find herself, once more. 

Will love help, or hinder the fight?

Sometimes, deciding who you are, means deciding who you’ll never be again. 

Jersey Girl -

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

My Review - Hear What You Want by Kyra Lennon

A 5* Read

I don't give 5 stars to just any book. It has to be a book that's a) well written, b) if it has sensitive subjects, then those subjects have to be handled well, sensitively, c) the characters have to be believable, d) it has to draw me in... mind, body, soul, e) when i read the last page, I have to say one word... wow!

This book fulfilled all that criteria, and so much more. 

Ambra and Noah's story is one that I could easily see happening, and one that I'm sure does happen on a daily basis.
The storyline evokes so many thoughts, but especially how we treat each other on social media these days, and I think the author had that in mind when she wrote such a thought provoking read.

I was sucked in, and although this is a romance, it had the flavour of a modern day 'whodunnit' and the twists and turns had me flipping the pages crazily.

I'm eagerly awaiting book 2, as this one left us on a massive cliffhanger. I can't wait to see where book 2 will lead us...

Friday, August 3, 2018

Mile High - MB Feeney

Mile High by M.B. Feeney

Mile High has been re-released with a new cover, and new formatting.
Grab your copy now:

When Taryn Caine was assigned a long haul flight on a private jet hired by Blazed, the hottest new band around, she never expected to end up screwing the lead vocalist, Max Reeves.
Max certainly rubbed Taryn up the wrong way from the moment he stepped foot on the jet, but can he rub her the ‘right’ way by the end of it?