Sunday, May 13, 2018

Coming Soon!!

Tommy’s Girl: Part Two

The concluding half of Laura Morgan’s darkest story to date is coming this Wednesday 16th May...
You have been warned!
‘The voices in my head won't stop telling me what to do.
Take her...
Own her...
Hurt her...
Kill her...
She’s been a bad girl and needs to be punished...
Maybe It’s time I stopped trying to fight them?’

Look After You
Elena Matthews


Book Lovers in Southport 2018

It’s fangirl time again!

14th July 2018

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Edinburgh Author Signing Event 2018

Edinburgh is calling YOU

How would you fancy meeting some pretty awesome authors?

Well, why not come to Edinburgh, 26th May, and get your fangirl on?

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Double Sale

Riff of the Heart

Time to Breathe


MJ Rutter

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A Forbidden Love Affair


Kizzie DarkerπŸ’”A Forbidden Love Affair By Kizzie DarkerπŸ’”

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Sound of You & The Sound of Us by AJ Love


‼️Only 1.99 - pre order only price!! ‼️

Fall in love with Hallie and Nate this exciting, angst-ridden #CollegeRomance

#YoungLove #Music #HallieAndNate #Swoon #RumorsHurt

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Book 1 - out now:
Book 2 - preorder:

Tommy's Girl by Laura Morgan

This is on my reading list, and I can't wait to dive in. I've heard wonderful things about this book, it's dark, and I wouldn't expect anything different from this amazing author.

Look out for my review... Coming soon.

Here's the buy link, go check it out ---> The Zon

Sunday, May 6, 2018

♥Imminent New Release - Jersey Girl by J A Heron♥

Firstly, I have to apologise for my radio silence over the last few months. I've dealt with quite a bit in my personal life: my brother had a heart attack and died on 13th December 2017, then my brother-in-law's mother died on 27th December. She was a sweet little white haired old lady aged 92 who was suffering terribly with dementia. Then something happened on 22nd December that I won't go into detail about, but it was shit, it was bad, and it knocked me for six, (cricket term for readers outside of the UK.) All three of these incidents have broken my heart, so I've been taking some much needed me time over the last few months.
Anyhow, enough of the doom and gloom, I've got some exciting news. Well over a year ago, I along with other fab authors got together to bring you a charity anthology, raising money for the British Heart Foundation, and in that anthology I brought you a short story called Jersey Girl. Well, now that story has been extended and a full length novel will be hitting The Zon very soon.
I will keep you updated with release dates, pre-order links and more teasers...
I hope you're all as excited as I am.

Coming soon! :D
☆•°*”*°☆ JERSEY GIRL by J A Heron ☆•°*”*°☆
She lost her parents.
 She lost her sister.
 She lost her home.
 She lost her sobriety.
 She lost her head.
 Now she’s on an uphill battle to find herself… once more.
Will love help, or hinder the fight?
Jersey Girl Playlist -…/11162640265/playlist/2uQh3O11dp2…

Those of you waiting for the next installment of GirlsQuad, I have to finalise what I plan to do. Whether it be 3 novellas, or a full length novel divided into three parts. Whatever I plan to do, the cost will be the same.
 I will also keep you updated.

For those of you waiting for the co-lab book The Reapers Curse, all I can say is, I have a very patient partner in crime, and although she's chomping at the bit to get the book finished, she has been incredibly supportive during my tough time.

Thanks to all my readers for their understanding... it means the world.
xXx Jane xXx