Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cover Reveal - Keren Hughes

Title:HOME (Jagged Scars Duet 2)
Author:Keren Hughes
Publisher:Black Velvet Seductions
Release Date:TBC


~Home isn’t a physical place, it’s the place where your heart beats.~
Drew Wright always said he had the “reverse Midas touch”; everything he touched turned to shit instead of gold.
As a child, he was beaten, neglected, and abused by drug addicted parents whose next fix was more important than having food in the cupboard. Plagued by flashbacks of a past that haunts him, he’s worked hard to become a paramedic and help others often caught in the grip of the same trauma he experienced.
After being set up on a blind date with the love of his life he thought he’d lost, it seemed his luck was turning, and fate was giving him a second chance. Happily married with two children, he has everything he ever dreamed of.
But then one tragic moment throws his world into upheaval and lands Drew in the middle of a battle to hang on to the life he loves.
Can he separate the past from the present and save his future?
Or will the demons that have stalked him his whole life finally devour him?

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