Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jane's first attempt at poetry

I've tried my hand at a little poetry.
I don't know an awful lot about this craft, but I had a few words stuck in my head, so I felt the need to get them down on paper.
I hope you enjoy ♥


©J A Heron

We must stay positive, one another we must support
We can do it, who’d have thought.
Release the positive energy that’s buried deep within your soul
Express what lies within your heart, don’t be afraid to set your goals
Expectations we can surpass
Achievements are reachable, at long last

A driven mind, and guiding light
To win the battle, you must fight
Rewards sometimes are few, yet some may be great
You hold the key, don’t leave it to fate
Trust your instincts, let them fly
With determination and integrity, you have to try

Stay strong my friends, on me you can depend
Solid and true, I am your friend
With words so honest, complex and clear
In my heart, I will hold you all so dear
Many friends I’ve made along the way
In my heart, I hope you’ll stay

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