Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Review of Memoirs of a Wild Child by Cassandra P Lewis

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Memoirs of a Wild Child by Cassandra P Lewis.

We follow the journey of Pippa, the queen of promiscuity.
This book is so well written and the mixture of present and past tense works really well.
Ben (now Pippa’s husband) tamed ‘The Wildchild’ and they have two small children. But throughout the book, Pippa writes in a diary she lovingly calls ‘Vinnie’, about all the adventures she’s had in the past. Her past sexual conquests are funny and very eventful.
One minute I’m reading about Pippa’s adventure in a confession booth with a priest, the next she’s talking about nappy changing and baby feeding.
It flows really well and the characters are well developed. I know Cassie has worked really hard to bring us Pippa’s story and all that hard work has paid off.
We first meet Pippa in Cassie’s ‘Mr. Write’ series. She is the rambunctious friend of Rosie Alverez. If you’ve not read these books, you are missing out.
This book has a perfect balance of fun and seriousness. I truly recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy read.

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