Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GirlsQuad - A Best of Friends Series: Book Two
Release date: July 2016
© J A Heron


“I just wondered if I could ask you something?”
“You just did, but go ahead, ask away,” I say a little annoyed that some spotty teenager wants to invade my life.
“How long have you lived here?”
“All my life,” I simply say.
“How old are you?” He asks, it was almost a whisper, it feels like I’m being interrogated by a butterfly.
“I’m twenty-seven, twenty-eight in November. You know, you should never ask a lady her age,” I state, still feeling slightly peeved that he’s asking me such personal questions.
“From what I’ve heard, you’re not really a lady.” My head snaps up at his last statement and I glare at him.
“Listen here, Junior,” I walk towards him and prod my finger in his chest, poking him with every word I speak. “My life is nothing to do with you, got it!”
I grab my coffee and leave the room. I’m afraid of what I’ll do if I stay in his company for a moment longer. The little shit!

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