Monday, April 11, 2016

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It Started In Texas
M.B Feeney

Honesty is my middle name....
2 Stars... well written.
1 Star.... sexy and heartwarming.
1 Star.... it made me LOL.
1 Star.... great plot and characters.

All of these elements make up this great read.
This is the story of Charlotte and Gage, with a whole host of other fabulous characters.
Charlotte goes on the trip of a lifetime to Texas, she can't wait to meet her online girlfriends, who are part of a forum that was set up and run so that fans could follow and idolise their guys, 'A Pocket Full of Lyrics'. They all meet up so that they can see the band live. 

These are all die hard fangirls.

While she is far away from home, Charlotte does some serious soul searching about her home life, particularly her relationship with Dermot. This is helped when she runs into the hot lead singer... enter Gage Weston. 
He his seriously hot, but a real and down to earth bloke.
And so begins a love story that will leave you oohing, ahhing and laughing out loud.

The secondary characters in this book are fantastic, the witty banter, the dialogue between them and the amazing way the author makes you feel like you are within the group is astounding. 
I really enjoyed this fabulous read and I know that this is Mich's first full length novel.
Well done honey, you nailed it right on the head!
***** FIVE STARS!!!

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