Tuesday, April 19, 2016

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Hush by EK Blair

I paid for this book!

I’ve given 3 (and that is being extremely generous)

I feel completely underwhelmed! I feel cheated! I feel let down!

This book had the potential to wow me, the potential to round off a fantastic series and keep EK Blair at the top of my list as favourite authors. I’m afraid to say, it did none of those things. I’m so disappointed with the book, the author and my own impatience after waiting almost a year for this book to hit my kindle.
It felt like it had been written by a completely different author, the feel of the content felt different, the writing style felt different.
The first two books had so much panache, style and wow moments, book three fell flat.
There were a few good points, but to be honest they are totally overshadowed by the bad points.

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