Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Good afternoon from the UK

From time to time I will update this blog with the books that I'm reading. Not only do I write, but I love to read and review for other authors too. They don't have to be USA Today or New York Times best selling authors, I will read just about anything from anyone. If the cover and blurb pull me in, then it's a done deal. 

Since I started writing and I became a hybrid author, I have come across some extremely talented writers. Not only in the published sense, but in the Indie community as well. I have been extremely lucky to have become friends with these amazing people. 

I am looking forward to my next book signing, this will in fact be only my second experience of sitting at a table, hoping to get to talk to readers, bloggers and other authors. I am extremely excited, so much so that I can barely contain my pee. 

If you are interested in joining us in Liverpool on March 19th at Aintree Racecourse, then the ticket link is below. I have also added the link to the group set up dedicated to providing information about this amazing up coming signing. 

Dedicated 2 Books

Just look at all these amazing writers who will be in attendance. Not to mention the list of sexy male models. Everyone on this list is hoping for a chat and a selfie with you. 

Ticket buy link: 

Request to join if you require futher information:

I have lots of goodies free to a good home, such as wine glass charms, bookmarks, magnetic pebbles, magnetic bottle tops, ribbon bookmarks, postcards and much more...
Even if you don't want to buy a book from me, feel free to drop by my table, shoot the breeze and pick up a few treats.

I really can't wait to catch up with my on-line family again, these being my author brothers and sisters.  

As I mentioned at the top of this post, I will be posting information about the books that I'm reading or have read. I will let you know my thoughts on the book I'm reading and make sure that I post a review for you. 

Until we meet again... ♥

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