Saturday, February 13, 2016

Excerpt - ©J A Heron 2016
Coming this summer

He’s dressed in dark blue jeans, a lime green polo shirt and Converse pumps. For a man of forty-four it always surprises me that he dresses so young. He doesn’t look silly, his style suits him and he always looks so well groomed and smart. I like it when I see him dressed in his work suits, but I like to see him in his casual clothes too. I really like what I see. I like it even more when I see him pouring two glasses of red wine that’s been sitting on the work counter; it’s just what I need. He must know that I will be home soon. He moves to stir something that’s cooking on the stove. It’s an erotic moment as he lifts the wooden spoon to his lips to taste whatever he’s cooking. “Hey handsome, what you got cooking?” I ask, trying to sound seductive, but I know it sounds cheesy.
“Well,” he says, turning around, smiling and then walking towards me with a big grin on his face. “The day I met you, you were dripping in a tomato sauce from spaghetti bolognese. So, I thought I’d make it, hoping that you spill it on your top, just so I have an excuse to stare at your nipples again.” His cheeky grin makes an appearance, followed by a lovely laugh. I love to see his stubble crease at the corners of his mouth when he smiles.
“I wasn’t exactly dripping in it, but it did ruin my favourite pyjamas. That stain never washed out. So I threw them away,” I say sweetly, ignoring the fact that he wants to stare at my nipples again, but most of all. ignoring the heat I feel between my thighs. I can’t stop a little giggle escaping.
“It’s a shame, you looked so innocent all dressed in white, with your hair tied up and enjoying a relaxing evening. You looked really cute,” he says. His recollection of how I looked that day, even down to how my hair was styled surprises me. He really did take notice of me. The thought of him remembering me and taking notice of my appearance is enough to warm me. The temperature I feel is raised when he kisses me. 

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