Monday, June 13, 2016

Romancing The Word
Tamworth Literary Festival 11th June 2016

First of all, I have a special thank you to my daughter Shelby and my fiancé Ian for all their help with lugging my case full of books and bag full of swag on and off the train. You guys rock!

We made our way to Tamworth-a small town in the heart of England for a special book signing event organised by the lovely Tina Williams, Anthony Poulton-Smith and the TamLitFest crew. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I arrived, I was greeted warmly and welcomed into the lovely little library, smack bang in the town centre.
I’ve always loved Tamworth and I only live a ten minute train ride away, so I was pleased as punch when Tina personally invited me to attend.

I was lucky enough to meet lovely authors, some I already know and others I’ve never met before. Here I am, sat with the lovely S J Warner (Sally). I haven’t seen this lady for nearly a year and it was great to finally catch up in person and have a few giggles.

I had a very enjoyable day and I am so grateful for the invitation, the flowers and the warm generosity of everyone involved. I really hope to be a part of the next one.

Other events held on the day were author talks, readings and workshops on different subjects held at St Editha’s church opposite the library. I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to experience any of the talks, perhaps next time.
All of these types of events increase exposure for authors. I managed to sign a couple of books and give away my lovely swag. Most of all, it was a great day and I'm so pleased I agreed to attend.

Photo gallery

Here’s Laura Morgan and her fantastic books. My daughter and I have both read some of her work and we love her.

Here’s the amazing Lianne Cotton, it was so great to see her again.

Here's a couple of pics of my table.

More photo's taken on the day.

Shelby reading 'Humankind' by Laura Morgan

Julia Ibbotson

Christina Smee - with the biggest book I've ever seen *insert shocked face*

Pat Spence and her amazing work.

Katherine Swartz

Our Sal again

Lucy Felthouse

A.A Abbott

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  1. Jane, it was lovely to meet you once again at the event and to meet your family. Tamworth was very lucky to have such a collection of wonderful authors in the library and church on Saturday and it gave the town such a buzz. It was a real pleasure to host you and we look forward to welcoming you back to our corner of the Midlands soon. Also thank you for your kind words in the post. <3 <3

    1. I had a great time. Thanks again for inviting me.
      I really hope to attend any future events you host.
      Jane xx

  2. Thank you for supporting us and for your kind comments. Indeed it was a most enjoyable day - and the camaraderie between the authors in the library was a joy to behold.