Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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Heroine Hearts by Kirsty-Anne Still
Reviewed by Jane on behalf of Lush Reads Book Blog.
BLOODY HELL! What a fab read. I was gripped from beginning to end. The first chapter pulled me in from the get-go and I love a book that can grab my attention from the very first page.
I read the blurb, loved that and realised that this book could be right up my street. I wasn’t wrong. Heart pounding action, gritty plot and storyline, likeable characters and set in a world that we only see in movies. I can’t applaud the author enough for her talent and her huge balls for writing this book with taboo content. This was just what the doctor ordered.
First off we have Isla… our feisty young lady who not only was ripped away from her wonderful life, but she had so many obstacles to overcome while in the clutches of the El Salvador-a ruthless drug cartel. She is used… primarily as a drug mule, but also to pleasure the men of this awful gang of disgusting men. Throughout the story her strength shines, she embraces the life she’s been forced to live and makes the best of a bad situation.
Enter Javier Santos, stage right! OMG what a dude! Earning his place within the clique of the El Salvador is not coincidence. He is there for a reason. I won’t tell you why he’s there, you’ll have to discover his secrets for yourself by reading this fab book. I will tell you this though, you will love him. He’s smart, sexy, loving and caring… oh yeah, he’s hot too!

This book is powerful, gritty, thrilling and brilliant! It has it’s dark moments, so be warned.
The only criticism is that in places, it drags a little, but that being said, it all builds up to a dramatic ending.

Great job Ms. Still!

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